Raw Meaty Bones Pet Food for your cats and dogs in Auckland and North Island wide.

Starting your cats and dogs out on Woofles Natural Raw Pet Food



The main question we get asked is how? How do I get started on a Woofles natural raw meaty bones diet and how much will it cost?

One of the most important things to remember when making the switch to a Woofles diet is that your cat and dog does not need a complete and balanced diet at every single meal, you should be focusing on an overall balance of fats, proteins and nutrients over a 3-4 week period.

It's not rocket science just common sense.  You don't have to be qualified or have a degree, just the ability to take a little time and plan your pets meals.

You don't prepare a meal for yourself making sure that you have 22% protein, 10% fat, 25% fibre and 40% moisture, so there is no reason to feed your cat or dog in this way either.

But there are a couple of rules that you should follow.

STOP ALL DRY AND PROCESSED FOOD - This includes dog rolls, canned food and pouches.


Week 1 - Feed Green Tripe.  It's a natural probiotic which will help settle your dogs stomach and help return it back to its natural acidic state.  Green tripe also has an almost perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorous so its a great food to get started on.

Week 2 - Feed mostly Green Tripe, plus every couple of days add some chicken frames or necks.  Chicken frames and necks promote chewing and provide a natural toothbrush to keep your pets teeth clean.

Week 3 - Continue with mostly green tripe and chicken.  When you first start feeding a Woofles diet to your cat and dog, their body may start to do some healing and 'detoxing'.  By now, some pets will start showing signs of detoxification which can include discharges, pimples and rashes, loose mucusy stools, bad breath, dirty ears and body odour.  The more garbage your pet has inside its body the more intense the detox will be.  Some pets may not show any signs at all.  It is normal that these symptoms may last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Week 4 - By now you are well on your way to feeding your pets a healthier diet.  Start adding in a few more bits and pieces to build up variety.  Its a good idea to keep feeding green tripe at least 2-3 times a week, along with raw meaty bones for dental care.  

Once your pet is eating a nutritious Woofles raw food diet, you should start to notice an improvement in the skin condition, cleaner fresher teeth and gums, and a healthier more lively pet.

As a rough guide overall your dog's diet should consist of 10% meaty bone, 10% offal, and 80% muscle meat from at least 3-4 different protein sources over the course of a couple of weeks.


Cats can be a little different - Most cats usually need a transition period of old and new food, which does go against the number one rule of stopping everything.  To get your cat started we recommend feeding something that has a nice strong enticing smell.  

Woofles Hearty Chicken, Rabbit & Chicken, and Horse & Heart mixes are great for this.  

We are here to help, so if you are having trouble come in and talk to us about what you can try to get your cat over to a complete Woofles diet.  The most important thing to remember is don't give up.




As a rough guide overall your cat's diet should consist of 10% meaty bone, 10-15% offal, and 75-80% muscle meat from at least 3-4 different protein sources over the course of a couple of weeks.